What is it?

100 years Olympic Games

Exactly 100 years after the Olympic Summer Games in Antwerp, the city is welcoming a brand new A-level event: The Antwerp Night Marathon.

Run into the night

Antwerp is known for its nightlife, cosy bars and entertainment. On September 12, thousands of runners will run into the night. DJ's and rock bands every km will create a fantastic atmosphere for both runners and people along the course.

There are over 2000 marathons in the world. Only few run into the dark! Participants can choose between a full Marathon, a Marathon Relay (team of 4) and a Half Marathon.


Through the heart of the city

The course of the brand new Antwerp Night Marathon will take participants on a sightseeing tour through the beating heart of the city of Antwerp! No landmark will be left untouched! On top of this the course will make you discover several hidden gems of the city!

The start and finish for all distances are in the area around the event square by the renovated Scheldekaaien Sint-Andries. The marathon course consists of 1 unique round of 42.195 km and first loops around the Olympic quarter on the Kiel, to then come past the brand-new landmark 'the Olympic Rings'. Then, it is back to the centre, through the Zuid and other central locations, Berchem, Zurenborg, Borgerhout and along Park Spoor Noord, the Port Authority building and the Eilandje. Via a last route through the centre and along the Grote Markt and the Suikerrui, everybody reaches the finish around the corner on the Scheldekaaien. The Antwerp Night Half Marathon course offers participants a route of 21.097 km right through the inner city.

Massive crowds!

We pride ourselves on the fact that we have built a course that is very spectator friendly! As a spectator it will take you minimal effort to cheer on your favourite runner multiple times!
Combine this with over 42 bands /DJ's/ light shows alongside the course and you know that Antwerp will be on fire!